Success Story

April 20, 2020

Vadim Nedilko, General Director Sandvik Russia

Want to send my highest recommendation to Andrey Barkov who i worked closely with during a Russia roll out project, without his expertise and local knowledge, the project would not have gone live! Due to his patience and prompt responses, we were able to finalize all the tasks and made the go-live deadline without much post go-live incidents! Will definitely recommend Andrey for any localization projects especially where the language could be a possible barrier and also covering cross functional areas within SD, MM and FI

October 17, 2020

Mark A Ojo, SAP SSE Supply Chain, Sandvik Sweden

I worked with Andrey together on our SAP rollout project in Russia. The successful Go-Live was in 2015. Andrey is a very experienced consultant in the FI/CO area with excellent knowledge and experience of country specifics and legal requirements in Russia. Due to his knowledge and efforts the project started on time and was running without any problems. He could help to find a solution for any issue which had to be solved. He is a pleasant colleague with a deep knowledge of SAP FI/CO and I would recommend him for any other project.

April 12, 2019

  Jana Nadova

SAP project manager for FI/CO/PS-IM at REHAU,

Andrey worked with Jana in the same group

March 27, 2015

Elena Lukonkina, Chief Accountant, REHAU Russia



When it is SAP FICO or Russian localization, Andrey is the best consultant we can hire. Always careful on listening and analyzing before Andrey show good examples from his good experience from several foreign Companys. Andrey’s good background from the German career gives Andrey a solid knowledge how we can solve all tasks. I can highly recommend Andrey Barkov to any SAP FICO task and to Russian localization. It is a great honor and pleasure to work with Andrey.

March 1, 2019

 Tony Friis Ghazaleh, Project Manager hos Vestas

Tony managed Andrey directly

Elena Krasnova, Chief Accountant, Vestas Russia

May 8, 2019

I had the pleasure to work with Andrey in the Russia roll-out project at Vestas. Andrey is a very competent SAP consultant. He helped us with the Russian specific requirements as forms and financial reporting. Andrey is professional and friendly, and I would gladly recommend him.

May 14, 2019

Liisa Mygind, SAP SCM consultant, Vestas Denmark

Andrey worked with Liisa in the same group


I know Andrey from our rollout project in Russia. The successful Go-Live was on Jan 1st 2015. Andrey is a very experienced consultant in FI, FI-AA, CO areas with very deep knowledge in LSMW. He knows how to meet every legal requirement of Russia. Due to his kowledge and efforts the project started in time and is running smoothly. He still supports our colleagues in Russia when it is necessary. He is a pleasant colleague and always welcome with us.

February 14, 2019

Thomas Ortner ,  SAP-Specialist at REHAU

Andrey worked with Thomas in the same group

SAP Roll-out Freelance Consultant at Angelini (employed by KPMG Italy)

Andrey was one of the key members of the project team and has demonstrated a deep knowledge of the SAP FI/CO functionality. He provided excellent knowledge of Russian specifics and possibility of realisation these requirements in the project based on the SAP standard solutions. Moreover he has a good communication skills.

March 1, 2016

 Kseniya Rodionova, SAP Senior consultant SD/LE/MM, Team Lead
Kseniya worked directly with Andrey at KPMG

Andrey was one of the best SAP consultant with a very wide experience and knowledge of Finance module and Local Russian requirements
I had the pleasure to work with him for the Angelini Pharma Russia roll-out when I still was KPMG employee and I realized that he has been the key component team for the Accounting implementation and he gave me an huge contribution for the integration between accounting and Material management modules.
I highly recommend Andrey as SAP expert and very excellent team component.

February 26, 2016

  Giovanni Casabianca, Finance & Logistic Application Analyst presso Angelini S.p.a.
Giovanni worked directly with Andrey at KPMG

Alisa Parekunnel, Head of Accounting, Angelini Russia
was a customer of Andrey


SAP Roll-out Freelance Consultant at WILO (employed by SAP AG)

“Andrey is a strong SAP expert, very adaptive to new systems, clients, processes. I worked with Andrey as with the additional SAP expert strengthening my existing project team for a hard post GoLive period. And I did not expect… let me say, I was impressed with how fast Andrey managed to understand the SAP installation other consultants implemented and how good he supported key users and consultants. It was like we had Andrey in the team since beginning of the project.

If you look for a person to double your project team effectivenes — Andrey is a must have expert.” April 14, 2014

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

 Pavel Garashchenko, SAP Project Manager at Wilo
hired Andrey as a IT Consultant in 2014

SAP Roll-out Financial consultant at SONY Pictures

“I worked with Andrey on the Sony Pictures Entertainment Russia SAP rollout for Television Networks & Productions. He provided expertise for Russian accounting requirements, SAP localisation, training and conversions. Andrey was very knowledgeable on Russian SAP functionality and configuration, conscientious in his work ethic, and extremely patient and helpful with the business demands.” September 27, 2013

Richard RandallSAP Regional Project Manager EMEA at Sony Pictures Entertainment
Richard was Andrey’s client

“Andrey is very dependable and delivers on all tasks. Andrey knows Russian statutory requirments and SAP configuration very well. He always provide valuable input in process design to meet local reporting needs. Andrey was a pleasure to work with and knows SAP very well.” October 15, 2013

Susie Supalo, SAP Finance Support at Sony Pictures Entertainment
Susie was Andrey’s client

“I had a chance and pleasure to work with Andrey on SAP roll-out projects for entities in Russia. His deep knowledge of SAP Financials area and local statutory requirements, as well as good communication skills with business users helped us seamlessly and effectively implement SAP for new company codes.
If you are planning SAP roll-outs across Russia Andrey is the right person to help you reconcile your global SAP template with specific and complex requirements of this country.” September 9, 2013

Michał Szuman, SAP Consultant, Sony Pictures Entertainment
worked directly with Andrey at Freelance

Julia Bikkulova, Finance Director, SONY Pictures Entertainment
was a customer of Andrey

SAP Roll-out Financial consultant at FUJIFILM

“As local FI/CO consultant for the roll-in of Fujifilm Russia Andrey has given us the professional support that we needed to be able to cope with the legal requirements. In addition to that Andrey had a big contribution in defining and implementing local business requirements. Last but not least, Andrey was a great help for our Russian users, training them during the project, assisting them during testing and guiding them during their first weeks on SAP.” June 22, 2012

Frank Smets, SAP implementation team leader — European Reorganisation Project, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH
managed Andrey at Freelance

“Andrey worked with us on our roll-out of Coporate template SAP system in Russia as SAP consultant in FI/CO area. Andrey managed sucessfully to guide us through the «traps» of Russian Accounting rules that we were up to run into: He helped us very much to adapt our template in the roll-out to fulfil the local legal requirements as well as Corporate Accounting rules. He also contributed very much to the important task have the users make their peace with the roll-out as they found themselves suddenly in an international enviroment from business and ERP system point or view while their were used to their locallly tailored solutions.
Thanks, always again!” February 28, 2012

Christof Hohmann, external consultant, Fujifilm
worked directly with Andrey at Freelance

“I highly recomment Andrey as a consultant with very good knowledge in FICO, solution oriented, team player, very good knowledge of process design on template base with roll-out requirements and a very nice collegue.

Best regards
Oliver” February 10, 2012

Oliver Schoenleitner, SCM / MM Consultant and Integration Management role, FujiFilm Europe
worked directly with Andrey at Freelance

“Andrey was a bridge between implementation team in Dusseldorf and business people in Russia. He was translating business requirements to SAP language as well as fitting local legal requirements to already existing template.”
November 14, 2012

Tomasz Jaskulski,  SAP ABAP / PI / EDI Freelance Consultant at FUJIFILM Europe GmbH
worked directly with Andrey at Freelance

“It was a pleasure to work with Andrey. He is very knowledgable in FICO module of SAP and especially in VAT specifics for Russia.” March 21, 2012

Marcel Lucas, ERP SD-VAT Teammember, Fujifilm Europe GMBH
worked with Andrey at Freelance

Elena Ventslavskaya, CFO, Fujifilm Russia,
was a customer of Andrey


Financial Rollout Consultant at Sued Chemie AG (employed by SAP AG)


“Andrey Barkov worked very well in the SAP Rollout in Russia for Sued Chemie. His professional and hard work gained very high satisfaction of the customer.” March 31, 2012

Henry Hong, Principle Consultant, SAP China
was with another company when working with Andrey at SAP AG

“Andrey Barkov is a very valuable and experienced FI/CO consultant. Very pragmatic and good organised, he is the consultant who can solve the most difficult financial issues in the project. He has a strong experience in localization for Russia. I strongly recommend Andrey for SAP projects.” February 21, 2011

Stanciu, Daniela, Associate Consultant, SAP Romania — Global Delivery
was with another company when working with Andrey at SAP AG

“Being part of a multinational SAP team (Germany, Romania, China, Ukraine and Russia), Andrey was responsible for a core team communication and all FI-GL, FI-AA, CO -specific localisation aspects in Sud-Chemie implementation in Russia.

I would like to recommend Andrey to future employers, as a responsible person, who demostated perfect communication skills and extensive knowledge of all Russian-specific localisation specifics.” January 23, 2011

Yuri Dovgart, SD/MM Contractor (SAP AG as Consulting Partner), Sud-Chemie
worked directly with Andrey at SAP AG

“Andrey was playing the role of the Business Financial Conultant for the Russian Rollout of Sued Chemie AG. His contribution was highly appreciated, while his SAP FI knowledge and his commitment to the project were his major strenghts. Working with such a professional person is always a great experience and I recomand him for further projects.” January 21, 2011

Cristian David, SAP ABAP Consultant, SAP GD
worked directly with Andrey at SAP AG

“I worked whit Andrey in a rollout project for a global company in Russia. As local financial expert he proved his deep knowledge in the local legal requirements. He contributed to the success of the challenging project, therefore I will strongly recommend Andrey for a similar position.” February 7, 2011

Bianca Nicola, Business Processes Senior Consultant, SAP GD
was with another company when working with Andrey

SAP Roll-out Financial consultant at OTTO Direct Catalogue Services

“Andrey is an experienced specialist in SAP FI, has a good understanding of ABAP and very responsible member of the team. I recommend Andrey for you SAP projects.” July 8, 2011

Georgy Alexandrov, SAP FI, FI-AA consultant, IDS Scheer
worked directly with Andrey at Freelance

“Andrey is a highly experienced specialist in FI and relared SAP modules, has good undertanding of ABAP and very responsible team member, I recommend Andrey for you SAP projects.” June 7, 2011

Timur Sitdikov, Senior SAP FI Consultant, IDS Scheer
worked directly with Andrey at Freelance

SAP Financial Roll-out consultant at Danisco A/S

“I found Andrey a highly motivated professional with solid background, clear specialization and perfect communication skills. I hope we’ll have new opportunities to work in one team again.” February 16, 2012

Tatiana Menshikova, Consultant, SAP
worked with Andrey at Freelance

SAP Roll-out Consultant at Markem-Imaje Business Group (French-USA)

“Andrey Barkov was one of the key factors to allow us the go live 1st January 2010 in Russia.We started the project late but Andrey knew exactly the important setups to keep this date. In between we’ve asked Andrey to come back several times to fine tune and adjust the setup to fullfill new requirements.

Thanks a lot for your dedicated involvement.

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Markus Kirsten, hired Andrey as a IT Consultant in 2009, and hired Andrey more than once

“Andrey est un consultant inventif et compétent, qui a à coeur de trouver des solutions et faire avancer les choses” February 7, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Pauline Roux, hired Andrey as a IT Consultant in 2009

SAP Principal Consultant


“Andrey is highly professional and experienced consultant, team lead and manager. First we met with Andrey during his industry experience in Hettich RUS. He played a very important role in his company at that time and was very valued by the company management for his knowledge, experience, understanding of business processes and commitment. The second time we me at Accenture. He joined the company as an SAP senior consultant and demonstrated his ability to make and drive projects, collaborate and get results which were remarked by the clients, colleagues and management.” May 20, 2011

Vladimir Tomashuk, SAP FI Senior Consultant, Team Lead, Accenture
worked with Andrey at Accenture

“Andrey is a focused person. He successfully resolves all project’s issues if needed and easily achieves his aim. He is a real professional, especially in SAP area. I strongly recommend Andrey for any type of SAP projects.” March 18, 2011

Konstantin Krymov, Consultant, Accenture
worked with Andrey at Accenture

“Andrey is very competent FI/CO consultant capable of solving the difficult issues in time and on budget. He also showed himself as Test lead very well. During MSK implementation project we learned quite a lot of insurance specifics in Russia. Andrey’s involvement and activities were one of the major key factors for success of this complex large project.” March 5, 2011

Aleksei Burlakov, Team leader of SAP FI team, Accenture Technology Solutions
worked with Andrey at Accenture

“I know Andrey as friendly colleague with highly experience and big skills. His involvement in SAP implementation by Moscow Insurance Group of the companies was one of the major factors for the success. SAP was customized correctly and integrated with insurance system TIA for several insurance companies.” June 30, 2010

Ksenia Rumyantseva, Consultant, Accounting and Reinsurance team lead, Accenture
worked directly with Andrey at Accenture

“Andrey have high qualification at the Fi/CO SAP area. That was a pleasure to work with him. If you need a reference to him please contact with me.” June 24, 2010

Gennady Molozhavy, SAP Basis Consultant, Moscow Insurance Company
was with another company when working with Andrey at Accenture

“I know Andrey as a highly professional SAP FI consultant and team leader with a well experience including Russian and foreign full cycle implementation projects.” August 31, 2009

Denis Komlyakov, Consultant, Arthur Hunt
was a consultant or contractor to Andrey at Accenture

“Andrey was responsible for the most difficult tasks of the project, including data migration for 1+ million vendors and management of test phase. The first implementation of SAP for insurance group of companies in Russia was a success due to his efforts. I highly recommend Andrey as team-player and SAP Financials expert.” July 6, 2009

Andrey Vlasenko, Consultant, Accenture
worked directly with Andrey at Accenture

“Andrey successfully combined roles of Project Manager deputy and FI consultant. He formalized the planning and reporting processes, did a lot the project to become more transparent and controllable, implemented several FI solutions. He also presented himself very well as a Test manager and a Data Migration manager.” April 22, 2009

Anton Yunushkin, Cons, Accenture
worked directly with Andrey at Accenture