Roll-out Projects

Roll-outIn SAP Roll-out project, there is no need to do everything from scratch. The team needs to work on company code, printouts etc.

Suppose that one group of company is implementing SAP at one or more places. Then in that case company will conduct full-fledge implementation of SAP at one place and subsequently adopt almost same processes of earlier implementation with minor changes at the other places.  

In case of a multinational company, geographical consideration needs to be considered along with some important settings. Some configuration settings may not be relevant for another country. For example, 2 first digits are fixed by legislation in Russian Chart of Accounts. In this case Chart of Accounts cannot be copied to Russia without changes as it is done in most of the countries.

So it is needed to check all business processes and then do the necessary customizing in line with local legislation. In full life cycle project, it is needed to analyze customer requirements from scratch but in Roll-out project only local requirements are considered.

At the same time it is a challenge to meet local Russian legislation requirements within Group template and SAP software.

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